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Will Your Company’s Non-Compete Agreement Be Enforceable

Non-compete agreements have traditionally been a trusted business tool to help companies protect proprietary information that is central to their business.  However, the proliferation of these agreements in the past decade or so has caused them to lose their teeth in courts across the country.  Here are some tips on implementing non-compete agreements that will […]

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How to Discipline or Fire Employees the Right Way

Disciplining and/or firing an employee is one of the most dreaded tasks for CEOs and small business owners.  Sometimes the trauma of termination can be just as bad for the boss as it is for the employee.  But in this litigious society, bosses need to take extra care when disciplining or firing an employee to […]

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Litigation Over Noncompete Agreements Up 61%

According to the Wall Street Journal, litigation over noncompete agreements has risen 61%in the past decade – a number that may be low considering most cases are settled out of court and not reported. Long considered the standard for senior management employment contracts, noncompetes are becoming increasingly common at all levels of employment as a […]

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What to Do If a Customer Files Bankruptcy

It’s been said that into every life a little rain must fall, and for small business owners, that shower (or storm) can come in the form of a customer or client’s bankruptcy.  Here are some tips on what you need to do to improve your odds of getting paid: Stop contact.  Bankruptcy law prohibits creditors […]

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When Do You Need to Be Considering Your Business Agreements?

If you are running your own business and not looking at agreements regularly, it’s likely you are overlooking an important piece of your business and taking unnecessary risks.  The truth is that you do not need to have written agreements to have a valid agreement, but it sure does help when there is a dispute […]

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How to Make Sure Your Business Gets Paid and Doesn’t Get Stiffed by Customers

Sooner or later, you are going to have a client who doesn’t pay you for services or products provided.  Customers who do not pay are a fact of life for every business, so what are your alternatives?  Here are some options: In-house collections – Designate someone in your firm to contact the buyer personally to […]

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3 Legal Tools to Help You Protect Your Business Idea

Your ideas aren’t worth anything if you don’t get them out there into the world. I come across a lot of entrepreneurs who are afraid that if they talk about their idea, it’ll get stolen and so they keep it under wraps and don’t capitalize on it. Here are three legal tools you can use […]

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A Legal Checklist for Starting Your Own Business

Whether you are already a small business owner or the entrepreneurial spirit has grabbed you by the collar and you plan to get your startup off the ground this year, there are certain legal aspects to operating a small business that you just can’t ignore (and we know you want to). Ignoring the legalities of […]

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