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Why Hire a Family Business Lawyer®?

Hiring a Family Business Lawyer® is one of the most important decisions you can make as a business owner.

You may be ready to commit and take your business seriously for the first time. It’s possible that you are ready to uplevel to a new stage of business and reach for goals previously too far out of reach. Either way, it’s likely you finally realize you cannot personally manage all of the legal, insurance, financial and tax aspects of your business while ensuring the money keeps coming and clients stay happy.

Opportunities slip through the cracks because you can’t make decisions fast enough. Perhaps your boundaries have been violated one too many times because you didn’t clarify exactly what the terms of the deal were. Maybe you are ready to scale, but you know you haven’t set expectations around your intellectual property yet.

Does any of this sound familiar?
  • It takes too long to get paid. Outstanding receivables are plaguing you.
  • You’re tired of people taking advantage of your agreeable nature, and yet you want to maintain your orientation of “yes.”
  • You’d love to go farther and faster in business, but you keep getting stuck in situations that you aren’t sure how to handle.

Hiring a Family Business Lawyer® supports the expansion of your business, creating freedom for you and assurance that you are on the right track in the success of your business.

You may meet with your FBL just once a quarter, if you have a super mini-business with just you, an assistant and a handful of clients.

Or, you may meet with your FBL once a month if you are in the midst of a growth period, or regularly face new possibilities.

You may even have your FBL attend your weekly executive team meetings to identify opportunities you aren’t seeing, mitigate risks before they happen and support you in increasing efficiency and revenue in the process.

Your Family Business Lawyer® has package options designed specifically to suit your needs. And, all fees are agreed to in advance, with no invoices, and no surprises.

If you’d like to add a Family Business Lawyer® to your business team:

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