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If you are a lawyer looking for a better way to practice law and serve your business owner clients, you are in the right place.

Does this sound like you?

You’re tired of one-off transactions - incorporating your clients’ businesses, handling a trademark, a contract review, employment matter or a breach of contract, and then sending your clients on their way, knowing they’ll be back when the next problem arises.

If only they knew how much easier - and far more pleasant - it would be to have you involved all along!

If you’re ready to serve your business clients in an entirely new way;
one where you establish yourself as a trusted advisor as your clients face the challenges and successes that come with being a business owner:

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Perhaps you are already serving clients in this new and effective way that truly makes a difference in your clients’ lives....

...helping them to become better business owners and citizens of their communities.

If so, we’re ready to help you expand your reach. We know that the more business owners you serve, the better the world will be.

To become a licensed Family Business Lawyer®:

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If you reviewed the application and are not currently qualified because you have not fully incorporated the New Law Business Model way of practice or because you do not have the experience of an established business owner, that’s okay!

We can still help you become the lawyer you’ve always wanted to be. Simply let us know here that you are truly ready to become a lawyer your clients love. We’ll be in touch to begin your training.

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