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When launching a startup, one of your most pressing matters is getting your company’s name and identity out there—and having people remember it. But in many industries, getting your business recognized among a sea of competitors can be a daunting task.

Like it or not, your company’s success and failure could be largely a matter of image. To this end, having an awesome logo could help. Depending on your industry, a well-designed logo will not only make a memorable first impression, it can also help build legitimacy, loyalty, and longevity.

The following concepts are essential for both creating a logo that will immediately grab a potential customer’s attention and also ensuring you have the legal support to protect the investment you make in your identity.

Get noticed
Since a logo is one of the very first things people will notice about your company, its primary purpose is to get people to identify that symbol with your brand. Think of a logo as a distinctive flag or signature: it’s about making your business brand stand out from the rest and be instantly recognizable.

A logo isn’t necessarily aimed at describing your business or even identifying what it sells. After all, what the heck does a talking gecko have to do with car insurance? What does a partially eaten apple say about computers? It’s simply about etching that symbol onto your customer’s consciousness, so your ideal clients will remember and recognize your logo  whenever they see it, reinforcing consistency and trust.

When designing your logo, focus on creating a noteworthy image first and names or slogans second. That’s not to say that your name or slogan can’t be an important part of the logo, but since our memories are largely visually based, aim to make the overarching imagery as distinctive as possible.

Look like a professional
The cool thing about logos is not every company uses them, but those that do often appear more professional and reputable. Indeed, even if you’re running your business out of your garage (like Apple once did) a slick logo can immediately inspire trust, admiration, and superiority—even if you feel like you’re still winging it.

Always be branding
Another vital element with logos is consistency. You should place your logo everywhere your business is represented or even mentioned. This is especially important online, where attracting eyeballs is the name of the game and attention spans last milliseconds. To this end, place your logo prominently on your website, online advertising, social media, email signature, and all marketing materials.

Protect your investment
If you are going to invest in designing a logo and making it an integral part of your brand, you absolutely want to register your logo as a trademarked design with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (—and perhaps also obtain international protection.

A logo is an important facet of your company’s intellectual property, and as with any asset, you’ll need take certain steps to protect it. A Family Business Lawyer® can help you secure your logo with the needed trademark protections and enforce your ownership rights if needed. We can also advise you on all other legal aspects of your marketing and branding efforts. Contact one today to learn more.

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