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10 Survival Strategies for Today’s New Entrepreneur: Part 1

Business Growth Strategies

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that starting your own business is a thrilling endeavor that requires creativity, resilience, and strategic thinking. Whether you’re planning to launch a disruptive tech startup or open a charming local cafe, there are foundational strategies that will help you lay a strong groundwork for success and help you survive (and even thrive) long-term. 

This article is the first part of a two-part series designed to guide you through 10 essential strategies for creating a successful business. Even if you’ve already started a business, you’ll learn something new that will catapult your business growth. Ready? Let’s dive in.


Strategy 1: Forge Strategic Partnerships

Collaboration can exponentially increase the resources and capabilities of your business. Effective partnerships combine the strengths, visions, and expertise of different individuals, creating a synergy that can tackle larger projects, share the financial burden, and enhance market reach. When selecting a business partner, look for complementary skills and a shared vision for the business, ensuring that all parties have aligned goals and expectations. 

Don’t overlook the value of strategic partnerships outside of business partners. Having a trusted advisor at your side, who can guide you to make strategic decisions or avoid liability, is invaluable. A LIFTed Business Advisor helps ensure you have the right systems in place to make your business run smoothly and efficiently, will help you see potential areas of risk that could derail your business, help you put in place plans to avoid risk, and advise you on the ramifications of any business decision you make before you make it. If you’re fully committed to your company’s success, a LIFTed Business Advisor will help you get there with as much ease as possible.


Strategy 2: Prepare for the Unexpected

Business ownership is inherently dynamic and unpredictable. Economic downturns, technological advancements, or changes in consumer behavior can arise suddenly and impact your operations. To build a resilient business, work with a LIFTed Business Advisor who can help you develop robust strategies that include risk management and contingency planning. Also consider establishing an emergency fund, diversifying your revenue streams, and staying agile—always ready to pivot your business model in response to market demands. 


Strategy 3: Cultivate an Inclusive Environment

The reputation of a business is crucial and can be significantly enhanced by creating a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere. An environment that respects and celebrates diversity not only attracts a broader customer base but also fosters a positive workplace culture. With the aid of a LIFTed Business Advisor, you can implement policies that promote equality and inclusivity, and train your staff to adhere to these principles. By making everyone feel valued and included, you increase customer loyalty and employee satisfaction, which are pivotal to sustained business success. 


Strategy 4: Value and Support Your Team

Your team is one of your most significant assets (if not, the most significant asset). Investing in a supportive and respectful workplace can boost employee morale, increase productivity, and help retain top talent. Establish clear communication channels, recognize and reward employees’ efforts, and provide opportunities for professional growth. A happy and motivated team will naturally provide better service, directly influencing the quality of customer interactions and enhancing your business’s reputation. If you’re not sure how to lead your team with confidence and clarity, invest in leadership education now. Leadership is a skill you can learn, and is crucial for business success.


Strategy 5: Discover and Maintain Your Unique Business Identity

In a competitive market, discovering and maintaining your unique business identity is critical. Your unique selling proposition (USP) sets you apart from competitors and helps attract and retain customers. It’s your “secret sauce.” 

For instance, KFC has “11 Herbs and Spices,” Geico has the “15-minutes could save you 15%,” 

If you haven’t yet figured out what your secret sauce is, consider your core values and special characteristics that define your business. Then, consciously build a strong brand that customers trust and relate to. Always remember, what makes your business unique should remain at the forefront of your operational and marketing strategies. If you’re struggling to find your USP, a LIFTed Business Advisor can guide you. 


For more strategies on enhancing your entrepreneurial journey, including leveraging digital tools, financial management, and customer experience, be sure to read the second part of this series, coming next week. Set a reminder now so you don’t miss it!


The LIFTed Business Advisor You Need

Having a trusted partner at your side for all stages of your business is the best way to achieve success. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re growing your company, locking down these essential strategies with the help of someone who is as invested in your company’s success as you are is a surefire way to achieve success quickly.

And as a LIFTed Business Advisor, we’re here to serve as the trusted advisor you need so you can focus on growth and increasing cash flow with ease and confidence.

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