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Denise Gosnell

Kind of Lawyer I Used To Be....

I was a traditional lawyer, taking business clients from any industry, mostly focused around trademarks and copyrights and patent work. I was billing by the hour, and exhausted, trying to do everything i could to get out of my law practice and find something else that I would enjoy.

My Life and Law Practice Now...

Today, I only work with business clients in the digital publishing and online marketing industry, and my practice is 100% full with a waiting list. I never bill hourly anymore. All of my clients happily pay me on a recurring monthly basis for my strategic guidance and to ensure their legal, insurance, financial and tax matters are handled. My favorite part of my practice now is that I get to pick and choose the business owner clients I work with, I work entirely from home and I only work with a client if I truly believe in their business and their vision. It’s so much fun to help them get there.


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