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Family Business Lawyer in Farming, Land Development and Agriculture

Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

Bryant & O'Connor Law Firm
502 Jackson St, Vidalia, GA, USA

Daniel O’Connor centers his law practice around identifying and implementing practical solutions to help keep clients out of conflict and out of court. As a husband to an awesome wife and the father to two young children, he understands the love and responsibility that people feel for their loved ones. Like many of his clients, he has worked hard to model strong work ethic for his children and to provide financial support for opportunities which will help his children be equipped to be productive adults who will carry on a positive legacy. However, in his years of practice he has noticed that many people with similar good intentions fail to plan properly, and the failure to plan often results in disasters which damage their families. No one wants to leave their children without the right guardian and support that they need, and neither does anyone want their children to have to fight for the resources that you worked so hard for. Not only does poor planning result in loss of wealth, but it often results in the loss of values and family harmony that we all work hard to pass on. Daniel hates to see any family endure this kind of loss, and his mission as an attorney is to educate clients on how to plan for preserving their legacy and to implement solutions that make sense for each individual client. Daniel enjoys educating his clients and establishing lasting relationships instead of simply handling a single transaction. The areas of practice in which he implements this philosophy are estate planning, real estate, and small business legal services.

Industry Focus: Estate Planning for Business Owners, Family Businesses, Farming, Land Development and Agriculture, Medical Professionals, Real Estate Investors

Licensed In: Georgia, USA

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Milan Hanson

Milan Hanson

Hanson Legal
800 W. 8th Street, Medford, OR, USA

Born and raised in Medford, Ore., Milan followed in his family’s footsteps to become a fourth-generation attorney. Milan minored in Chinese and Japanese at the University of Oregon, but his interest in foreign languages started in high school. At 15, Milan participated in a Boy Scout exchange program and traveled to Japan. After returning home, Milan studied and learned Japanese on his own time. He continued to pursue his passion for language, and has even represented clients speaking only Spanish.

Industry Focus: Entrepreneurs, Farming, Land Development and Agriculture, Joint Ventures

Licensed In: Oregon, USA

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