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Molly Myer

Molly Myer

Impeccable Planning
5580 W 73rd Ave

Website: http://www.impeccableplan.com

Industry Focus: Coaches, Authors and Speakers, Education, Entrepreneurs, Estate Planning for Business Owners, Family Businesses, Film Development (Finance, Production and Distribution), Freelancer, Healing Arts Practitioners, Local Brick and Mortar Establishments, Mom and Pop Shops, Personal Services, Professional Services, Entertainment (Performers, Actors, Artists, etc), Real Estate Investors, Start-ups

Licensed In: Washington, DC, USA

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I am a 5th generation Colorado Native and a third-generation attorney. I suppose you can look at that as Roots or Ruts. It’s really all in your perspective. My roots have created ruts that I love and enjoy every day.
I choose the practice of law for 3 reasons. The first and most important reason is the opportunity to help/protect people by developing legal strategies to grow businesses and protect assets. I started my practice with a major New York City Law firm. It was exciting to get up every morning and read about my client’s deal in the Wall Street Journal. I learned firsthand how businesses are run, financed, and developed. These principles applied to all types and sizes of business. This experience came at a price. I was working long hours and rarely saw the direct impact of my work.
The second reason for my choice to practice law was my love of the law and intellectual analysis. The lessons I learned in New York substantially enhanced my skills.
The third reason is my Roots and Ruts. I definitely have a family legacy in the law. I continue to admire and respect my father and grandfather. I continue to aspire to their level of integrity, their expertise, and their positive impact on our community. Of course, I had to do it bigger and better by moving to New York. New York was a blessing and a curse. The billable hours and the lack of personal impact took their toll. I returned back to Denver after 5 years of practice.
So now I am enjoying the ruts created by my roots while supporting my Community.

Firm Description

Impeccable Planning has learned through years of experience that a failure to properly plan and put processes in place is a costly and time-consuming mistake. We work processes in place for our clients to prevent these costly and time-consuming mistakes.

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