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Shaina Jones

Shaina Jones

Jones Legal, P.C.
57 West 57th Street 4th Floor, New York, NY 10019, US
1650 Market Street Suite 3600, Philadelphia, PA 19103, US
1400 Metropolitan Boulevard Suite 222, Tallahassee, FL 32308, US
2054 Vista Parkway Suite 400, West Palm Beach, FL 33411, US


Industry Focus: Family Businesses, Estate Planning for Business Owners

Licensed In: Florida, USA, Pennsylvania, USA, New York, USA

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Lawyer Profile

Shaina Jones is principal attorney and founder of Jones Legal, P.C., a client-focused boutique law firm that specializes in business law, estate planning, and intellectual property law. Her philosophy is to partner with her clients to help them create and build their legacy and to protect their legacy.

Shaina’s business law and intellectual property law practices focus on supporting entrepreneurs in the fashion, cosmetics, entertainment, and technology sectors, providing counsel on all aspects of the business and at every phase of a product’s lifestyle. Her experience as a successful cosmetics and tech entrepreneur informs her legal work and enables her to take her clients to the next level. Her industry knowledge and connections add tremendous value to her services.

“I support entrepreneurial innovation and growth by helping visionary leaders in the fashion, cosmetics, entertainment, and technology industries unleash the full potential of their brands.”

In her estate planning practice, Shaina works with her clients to plan for the successful protection and transfer of wealth for generations. Shaina specializes in working with families with blended families, families with young children, and business owners. As a wife and stepmom, herself, Shaina is able to understand the needs of business owners planning for business succession and the needs of families to plan for the wealth and prosperity for generations.

Shaina represents her clients with passion, compassion, and curiosity because she knows, first-hand, what they’re experiencing. Shaina prides herself on being a true counselor at law and offering effective, efficient, and responsive legal services of the highest quality.

“It’s my goal to become a trusted legal advisor and business ally to my clients. I want to help them to protect what they’ve created and push them to achieve new heights.”

For Shaina, developing a close professional relationship built on communication and trust is the key to successful partnership. She succeeds when her clients succeed.

Firm Description

Jones Legal, P.C. is a boutique virtual law firm focusing on the fashion, cosmetics, technology, and entertainment industries. We’re here to help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals. As business owners ourselves, we know your company is your biggest investment. We’ll help you protect your intellectual property and grow your business.

We know what it’s like to build successful businesses from the ground up. And we’ll put our entrepreneurial and legal expertise to work for you. Whether you’re ready to launch a new business or restructure an existing one, we have the legal know-how to do it for you.

Much more than an intellectual property and business law firm, Jones Legal, P.C. is your biggest advocate. From business formation to trademarking to copyright enforcement, we will provide you with the honest advice, tenacious intellectual property protection, and knowledgeable legal representation you need for every step of your journey.

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