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Tony Liu

Tony Liu

The Law Offices of Tony Liu
1851 E First St #900, Santa Ana, CA 92705, US


Industry Focus: Family Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists

Licensed In: California, USA

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Lawyer Profile

The Law Offices of Tony T. Liu handles business and commercial litigation cases. Principal trial attorney Tony Liu provides experienced and aggressive representation for his clients.

Orange County business litigation lawyer Tony Liu is a master of trial advocacy. His years of courtroom experience and advanced professional training also allow him to excel in the courtroom. Mr. Liu is a former Orange County Deputy District Attorney where he learned how to rapidly prepare for trial under very short notice. His wealth of knowledge in both civil and criminal matters combined with his advanced trial practice techniques make him a formidable and respected trial lawyer.

Litigation requires well planned strategy. Mr. Liu listens carefully to his clients’ priorities and goals in order to develop cost effective legal strategies. He continually reassesses his strategies and takes into consideration the inevitable changes and contingencies that arise during litigation. Mr. Liu first and foremost serves his clients objectives throughout all stages of litigation, rather than vice versa.

While most litigators prepare for trial only after a date is set, Mr. Liu prepares for trial at the beginning of the case. This allows him to employ focused discovery efforts that save clients money. It also allows him to develop persuasive narratives early on to further his clients’ objectives. This approach not only enhances trial preparedness; it also increases the effectiveness of pre-trial proceedings such as court hearings, mediations, and arbitrations. As an Orange County business litigation attorney Mr. Liu believes that if you can win at trial you can win in mediation and arbitrations.

Mr. Liu understands the priorities of businesses and entrepreneurs. Mr. Liu has represented business owners for many years and has a substantial business network in Orange County. Before starting his legal career he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in finance with an emphasis in real estate.

You can rest assured that Mr. Liu will always give you candid answers to your questions. He is not afraid to give you a full appraisal of your legal situation; even if that means that he will not be able to take your case. Lawyers cannot guarantee litigation results, but Mr. Liu guarantees that his clients will receive respectful and diligent representation.

In today’s global economy it is important to have an advocate that understands your cultural values and those of your adversaries. Mr. Liu was raised in Taiwan and understands the importance of connecting with clients on a professional and cultural level. His broad cultural perspective allows him to understand the unique goals and background of each client.

Orange County business litigation lawyer Tony T. Liu represents corporations and individuals in all types of hearings and transactions including trials, administrative hearings, depositions, arbitrations, mediations, and negotiations. Mr. Liu’s civil and criminal practice areas include the following:

Breach of contract
Breach of fiduciary duty
Commercial property disputes
Insurance fraud
Intellectual property infringement
Interference with contract and prospective advantage
Internet fraud
Personal injury
Real estate fraud
Securities fraud
Trade secret litigation
Unfair competition
Unlawful detainers

Firm Description

Narrative Description of Practice:
A premier trial firm in Southern California focusing on business, real estate, commercial, and shareholder/partnership disputes.

Areas of Trial Practice
Business Litigation
Tortious Interference
Real Estate Litigation
Unlawful Detainer
Commercial Landlord Tenant Disputes
Breach of Contracts
Non-Compete Agreements
Partnership / Shareholder / LLC and LLP disputes
Business Fraud
Unfair competition
Unfair competition by employees and former employees
Trade Secret Litigation - Misappropriation of Trade Secrets
Intellectual property
Defamation - Libel and Slander
Emergency Commercial Litigation
Product Liability
Personal Injury
White Collar Crime

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