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Yaasha Sabba

Yaasha Sabba

Sky Unlimited Legal Advisory
650 California Street, Floor 7, SF, CA 94108


Industry Focus: Breweries and Cannabis, B-Corps, Coaches, Authors and Speakers, Consumer Products, Digital Publishing & New Media Production, Entrepreneurs, Estate Planning for Business Owners, Family Businesses, Film Development (Finance, Production and Distribution), Healing Arts Practitioners, Hospitality Industry, Joint Ventures, Local Brick and Mortar Establishments, Mom and Pop Shops, Media Services, Non-Profit, Personal Services, Professional Services, Entertainment (Performers, Actors, Artists, etc), Real Estate Investors, Restaurants and Bars, Software Development, Start-ups, Technology, Venture Capitalists

Licensed In: California, USA

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Lawyer Profile

Passionate about taking ideas from a founder's brain to the marketplace, attorney Yaasha Sabba is a trusted resource for startups because he speaks their language.

After receiving his law degree from the oldest law school in New York, Yaasha headed to the place where he knew his blue-sky, forward-looking mentality would flourish - Silicon Valley.

Starting in intellectual property, Yaasha worked tirelessly to protect the creative talent and interests of artists and entrepreneurs. This led to an in-house role in Visa's Global Innovation and Strategic Partnerships division, where Yaasha channeled his energy and creativity into contributing to an expansive patent portfolio.

Now Yaasha brings his varied corporate and law firm experience to Sky Unlimited, where he works with numerous businesses of diverse genres - from e-Commerce to FinTech to cannabis.

Yaasha is registered with the State Bar of California and is a registered patent attorney with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).

In his non-work hours, Yaasha enjoys being a financial mentor to young Millennials and iGens. As former student leader of a milestone graduating class in the newest U.C. (ironic, given where he went to law school), Yaasha also serves as legacy Board Member of the University of California, Merced Alumni Association

Firm Description

As the founder of a startup, you're probably focused on saving money - and getting new customers in the door.

Ironically, you're also a prime target for everything from regulatory fines to IP persecution (or infringement), for the rigidity of bureaucracy, and even for inevitable losses resulting from a bad boilerplate contract. The world knows that small businesses don't hire lawyers - and it preys on the unsuspecting.

At Sky Unlimited, we have a deep understanding of the hurdles that lurk - and we strategize around them, without bursting your happy startup bubble. (For example, we have a great solution for cannabis businesses - if this is you, come talk to us ASAP!)

We are lawyers with business savvy that affordably advise you on a variety of legal service areas, as well as your business' long-term strategy and goals. Our non-traditional fee structures ensure you get the legal help you need, without the trepidation that comes with traditional hourly billing.

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